Reconnecting horse and partner through equine massage therapy to achieve improved performance and mood

About Victoria

Victoria working on patient


Victoria working on a client

Victoria Ackerman is a certified Equine Myo-manipulative Functional Therapist (EMFT), better known as an equine massage therapist, located in Madison, South Dakota. You can call, text or email at 623-326-8442 or [email protected] She focuses solely on manipulating muscle structures to improve life for the horse, taking pride in the results she can achieve along with improved moods from horses. Featured techniques include Swedish massage, Shiatsu, TMJ massage, Myofascial massage, Gua Sha and core muscle stimulation. You can read more about these techniques here. Aromatherapy is coming soon in her new product line! Her passion started 6 years ago, when her first proper introduction to horse riding took place. Since then, she has been utterly hooked on the lifestyle: showing horses, training horses, owning them, loving them.

As a dedicated member to the equestrian community, Victoria strives to endlessly grow her knowledge of horses. It has always been a passion to learn why a horse moves the way they do, how they’re built, and ultimately, how to correct abnormalities. So many times she has seen horses be neglected in an unknowingly way: muscle development. She hopes to enlighten the community and offer her services for the benefit of both rider and horse in the correction of muscle stress and abnormalities in the structure. Her ultimate goal is to include everyone on this amazing opportunity of bettering their horse, even the pleasure horses.

About Equine Massage Therapy

There are numerous benefits that can be achieved through massage therapy. Some include reducing gas, reducing stress, reducing adhesion presence under the skin, increasing blood flow throughout the body, and mobilizing the lymphatic system for improved health. Another benefit is toning muscles, especially on horses that have been on stall rest or laid off.

Staying on a massage program will reduce muscle tension, which will improve the flexibility and performance of the equine athlete. When under stress, often times in the form of training or injury, muscles contract and tense up. They build stress points that need to be worked out, and will often times be strained from the activities. Massage therapy reduces stress points and aids in proper mobility of muscles, reducing fatigue time and improving muscle tone. A practitioner achieves this by mobilizing waste in the musculoskeletal system and breaking down fibers in the muscle to be rebuilt by the body. Any activity can produce strained muscles, even walking around an arena. Massage will also improve flexibility of the horse, reducing the chance of injury for the animal.


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